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THE SABIAN MANUAL Panoramic description and explanation of all procedures of Solar Mysteries discipline in full and practical detail, as used by the Sabian Assembly.

The Sabian Book

THE SABIAN BOOK A compendium taken from the 1000+ Blue Letters that Marc Edmund Jones wrote to members of the Sabian Assembly over many years. This book is received by all newly-affiliated members of the group, and provides in-depth consideration of ten major areas of concern to aspirants seeking insight into the Solar Mysteries approach.

How to Learn Astrology

HOW TO LEARN ASTROLOGY A beginner's manual that provides thorough explanation of interpretive techniques in Sabian Astrology™, which can also have value for the more advanced astrologer. Included are concise descriptions of chart calculation together with its astronomical basis, as well as a compact and useful glossary of terms.

Books by Marc Edmund Jones

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guideTHE GUIDE TO HOROSCOPE INTERPRETATION Exposition of the gestalt-style Jones patterns describing the interpretive significance of seven distinctive planetary arrays to be variously found in all horoscopes.

Horary AstrologyHORARY ASTROLOGY, PROBLEM SOLVING THROUGH A thorough demonstration of the horary art, revised in 1971, together with a basic view of essential horary symbolism.

how whyASTROLOGY, HOW AND WHY IT WORKS Extensive discussion of the theoretical and practical bases of the entire range of astrological significators at the time it was written.

Occult Phil.OCCULT PHILOSOPHY Explains the several levels of Mysteries wisdom, essential truths and concepts of occultism, including a thoroughly cross-referenced glossary of occult terminology that is a masterwork of insight in and of itself, a superlative contribution.

GandhiGANDHI LIVES Written at the request of MEJ's publisher immediately after the death of Mahatma Gandhi in 1948, this is a sympathetic assessment of the life by a Christian who felt that Gandhi effectively followed the principles of Christ and also contributed to the conception of Satyagraha or soul-force, with an afterword by Paramahansa Yogananda.

GSMGEORGE SYLVESTER MORRIS A study of theistic idealism in the life and work of a particular individual, based upon the PhD dissertation of Marc Edmund Jones at Columbia University.

sabian symbolsTHE SABIAN SYMBOLS IN ASTROLOGY A major work in the twentieth century on the degree symbols created or discovered by Marc Edmund Jones and Elsie Wheeler in 1925, giving philosophical and interpretive formulations for each zodiacal degree by the author.

manualTHE SABIAN MANUAL Panoramic description and explanation of all procedures of Solar Mysteries discipline in full and practical detail, as used by the Sabian Assembly.

GSMESSENTIALS OF ASTROLOGICAL ANALYSIS An overall approach to the full range of astrological interpretation techniques that comprise Sabian Astrology™, with numerous in-depth examples given.

scopeTHE SCOPE OF ASTROLOGICAL PREDICTION All of the symbolic directions of practical and common usage in astrology, also transits, planetary returns, and the classic tools of natal chart rectification.

mundaneMUNDANE PERSPECTIVES IN ASTROLOGY World political insights gained through examination of horoscopes relating to groups, nations, their leaders, and all special or notable events that occur in their ongoing historical development, and other useful perspectives.

starsHOW TO LIVE WITH THE STARS Planetary transits, planetary hours and other practical techniques intended to be used at the personal and individual level for non-astrologers and all students of astrology whether beginners or advanced.

mej 500THE MARC EDMUND JONES 500 A set of ten astrological typescripts, typical of the many informal yet highly insightful talks recorded over a number of years by Marc Edmund Jones and sent out to Sabian Assembly members working in the astrological discipline.

magicMAN, MAGIC AND FANTASY Literary and philosophical analyses of the mystical depth in well-known fairy tales, and their significance in the areas of human spiritual inquiry and personal development.

numbersFUNDAMENTALS OF NUMBER SIGNIFICANCE Techniques in astrological interpretation and numerology, some of which are not to be found elsewhere, including the Ladder Technique and significant insight into the major asteroids.

manualTHE COUNSELING MANUAL IN ASTROLOGY An exposition of the specific set of natal astrological interpretive techniques used by Marc Edmund Jones himself in his professional counseling service, which originated in the request of a student that he might wish to offer a brief and inclusive summation that has essential reference to all of the more extensive works that he produced over the span of many years.

Books About Marc Edmund Jones and His Work

manual NEW! MARC EDMUND JONES: A BIOGRAPHY Compiled and written by a long-time student of Marc Edmund Jones, here is an insightful view of the life of an extraordinary man of the twentieth century, from his early days as a Hollywood screenwriter to his Presbyterian ministry, to his founding of the Sabian Assembly and throughout a long and prolific writing and speaking career on the Bible, astrology, philosophy and occult principles.

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magic squaresPATTERNS OF CONSCIOUSNESS: THE IBN GABIROL MAGIC SQUARES Sixteen ways of understanding consciousness from the inside, as individual experience, an unfinished work, the already well-formed significance of which was later brought to completion by a long-time member of the Sabian Assembly.

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